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All the wealth of France's museums at your fingertips Masque du gisant de Jeanne de Toulouse, provenant de l'abbatiale de Gercy à Varennes-Jarcy

The site created by the photo agency of the Réunion des musées nationaux et du Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées opens up access for everyone, professional or amateur, to a fabulous catalogue of online photographs of artistic works. About 600 000 photographs of works of art collected in the national and regional museums of France, museums such as the Louvre, Orsay, the Centre Georges Pompidou or the Picasso Museum are now directly accessible on the Internet.
From Leonardo da Vinci's "La Gioconda" to Monet's "Water Lilies", from Titian to Fernand Léger, from masks of Oceania to the arts of the East, paintings, sculptures, drawings... is an invitation to visit the greatest art collection ever.

Optimised iconographic searches throws wide the doors of the nation's museums. A search engine as powerful as it is easy to use makes iconographic searches easier and more effective.

Take your pick

Nothing could be easier than launching an iconographic search of the image base by entering the key words of your request.
Alternatively, select your images more analytically using the combinable search criteria (by artist, title, collection, museum).

The search engine instantly displays the number of photos corresponding to your request and offers you the opportunity to consult all the relevant photographs immediately.
Whether you are looking for illustrations of a particular theme, focusing on the work of a particular artist, examining a specific group of works, exploring a collection, your request is swiftly answered with a detailed selection of photographs to meet your search criteria.
Each photograph is accompanied by its principal documentary references.

The search engine is a full-scale expert system offering all the rigour of a professional documentary base plus all the flexibility and smoothness of direct, easy access to the photographs.

Plat : deux femmes stylisées Use hyperlinks for easy navigation

All the photographs in the image base are organised around hyperlinks for direct navigation from one theme to another. Each photograph can be accessed by a number of different paths, making all sorts of connections possible, from the simplest to the most extraordinary. At every stage of your search, you can opt to follow your nose and extend your selection of photographs.

Online ordering for professionals

If you are a professional, you can use to order photographs for use in your business (General terms). Once you have made your choice of photographs, simply fill in the electronic order form for rapid delivery of the ektachromes or digital files of your choice.
Payment of fees due to the Photographic Library of the RMN for the use of its documents does not include copyright fees eventually due to the artist or the artist's estate. It is the responsability of the client to clear copyright when reproduced works have not already fallen into the public domain. Such other fees and royalties are generally collected by the ADAGP, 11 rue Berryer 75008 Paris, Tel. 33 (0), or, for works by Matisse, by Les héritiers Matisse, 92 avenue du Général de Gaulle 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, Tél. 33 (0)1 40 93 46 18 - Fax 33 (0)1 40 93 52 95 ( and, for works by Picasso, by Picasso Administration, 8 rue Volnet 75002 Paris, Tel. 33 (0) For photographers whose rights are protected by Magnum, 19 Rue Hegesippe Moreau 75018 Paris, Tel. 33 (0)

Royalties are payable for 70 years after the calendar year in which the artist died. It is recalled that, for copyright reasons, permission to make certain adaptations of, or even to reproduce details of the works concerned, may be refused. The Photographic Library of the RMN declines any responsibility for a use which has not received all the necessary authorisations

Portrait équestre de François Ier (1494-1547), roi de France
One step further

If you need specific information, advice or if you have a special request, a team of 16 specialist art history archivists is on hand to assist.

To contact them :
By e-mail: click here,
By fax on 33 (0) 1 40 13 46 01,
By phone on 33 (0) 1 40 13 49 00,
By post: Agence Photographique de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux-GP, 254-256 rue de Bercy, 75577 PARIS CEDEX 12, France.