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The Isle of Aix Museum
The Isle of Aix Museum

In 1925, Baron Gourgaud and his wife purchased the "Emperor's house" on the Isle of Aix. This house had been occupied by Napoleon I shortly before he was exiled to Saint Helena in 1815. By 1928 they had transformed it into a Napoleonic Museum. The museum houses a collection of works of art, painted portraits, busts, miniatures, sketches, caricatures that have often been drawn, painted or sculpted by key figures such as Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Andrea Appiani, Girodet-Trioson or Toulouse-Lautrec and to which were added a number of personal effects dating from the time Napoleon I lived there. In 1933, Baron Gourgaud, who had a passion for safaris, founded the African Museum to preserve his zoological and ethnographic collections. 
Following the death of Baroness Gourgaud in 1959, the museum was nationalised and placed under the management of the Château de Malmaison.
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