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The Limbourg Brothers
The Limbourg Brothers

Paul, Herman and Johan van Limbourg, or the Limbourg brothers, from the Gelderland province in the Netherlands, came from a long line of artists. Their uncle, Jean Malouel, was court painter to Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Working in the style known as International Gothic, their creations illustrate the cosmopolitan nature of the society of the time. Two of the brothers learned the craft of goldsmithing in Paris and subsequently worked for the Duke of Burgundy. Later on the three brothers came to work together at the court of John of Berry, Duke of France, who commissioned them to illuminate several manuscripts: Très Riches Heures, Petits Heures and, later, the Très Belles Heures Notre Dame Books of Hours. Their patron, John of Berry, would later die from the plague in 1416, the same year as the three brothers.

Limbourg Pol, Jean et Hermann (15e siècle)
Chantilly, musée Condé
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