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On 20 November 1948, the then Secretary of State for Information, François Mitterrand, signed a decree concerning the adoption of a new international technical standard for broadcasting: the 819 lines. Recommended by the International Organisation of Broadcasting and Television, this new standard allowed for a better definition of the image and replaced the average definition of 441 lines. It proved a milestone for the expansion of this new medium.

In 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was broadcast in Eurovision.

In the summer of 1964, the Tokyo Olympics were broadcast worldwide
On July 21 1969, Neil Armstrongs first step on the moon was followed by more than 500 million television viewers around the world.

In France, the second chain of the ORTF began broadcasting from 1964. It was necessary to wait until 1967 for programmes in colour, which also marked the abandonment of the 819 lines.

The presence of television in homes would transform all areas of everyday life: information, leisure, urban planning, art, decoration, furniture and design, language, politics, society...

Rockwell Norman (1894-1978)
Etats-Unis, Los Angeles (CA), Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA)
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