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New collection : Angers Fine Arts Museum
New collection : Angers Fine Arts Museum

One of the oldest museums in France, the Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Angers [Angers Fine Arts Museum], a jewel of secular Gothic architecture, opened in a private mansion called the Logis Barrault on 21 March 1796. In 2004, it underwent extensive renovations. Displaying works ranging from those by the Italian, French and Flemish Primitives to pieces by contemporary artists such as François Morellet and Daniel Tremblay, the museum boasts an exceptional collection including Jordaens’ Self Portrait, Lippi’s Allegory of Simulation, Mauzaisse’s The Arab Lamenting the Death of his Steed, Ingres’ Paolo and Francesca, Henner’s Portrait of Mademoiselle Laura Leroux, and the View of Paris, the Seine, the Estacade by Jongkind. Works by 18th century French artists, including Fragonard, Boucher, Watteau, Pater, Chardin, Le Prince and Hubert Robert give a further taste of the outstanding paintings on display here. The Museum also displays works by local artists, the landscape artists Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crissé and Guillaume Bodinier, as well as works of the painter and avant-garde theoretician, Mérodack-Jeaneau.

Segna di Bonaventura (actif 1298-1331)
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