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National Museum of Asian Art – Guimet
National Museum of Asian Art – Guimet
First created in Lyons in 1879, before its transfer to Paris in 1889, the National Museum of Asian Art – Guimet
was completely renovated by the architect Henri Gaudin. Emile Guimet (1836-1918), its founder, had originally
wished to exhibit works illustrating the great religions of the world. Then, the museum gradually built up its 
collections as a result of scientific expeditions, missions and donations, (Paul Pelliot, Jacques Bacot, Louis 
Delaporte, Alfred Foucher, Lionel Fournier, etc.) and in 1945 under Georges Salles, it assumed its current role 
as a museum entirely devoted to Asian art.
RMN-GP’s photography agency has a continuously updated collection of 11,500 high definition images that 
illustrate the arts and civilisations of Asia.
Basset Urbain (1842-1924)
Paris, musée Guimet - musée national des Arts asiatiques
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