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Édouard BALDUS (1813-1882)
Édouard BALDUS (1813-1882)

Édouard Baldus started off as a painter before going on to experiment with photography. In 1851, he joined the Mission Héliographique team, which was commissioned by the French Government to create photographic documentation of French monuments. Wishing to portray the monumental aspect of the architectural views he photographed, he decided he did not want to be limited by the format of the camera, and thus placed contact prints side by side in order to create panoramic views. Over the course of his career, he worked at Fontainebleau, in Burgundy, in the Dauphiné and in Provence, and then followed the development of the railway network and took the first photographs of the Rhone floods. His photographs, with their documentary style, bear witness to the technological progress of his day. 
In 2013, the year that marks the 200th anniversary of his birth, we invite you to rediscover his work through this selection.
Photographs by this artist can also be found on Arago, web portal of the French photography.
Baldus Edouard (1813-1889)
Paris, musée d'Orsay
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