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CHRISTMAS: Angels announce the birth of Christ to the shepherds.
An angel, a herald of peace, is a comforting and protective creature. Angels are part of our everyday life, of our language, of our artistic surroundings, of our childhood universe, but who are they really?
Angels are celestial beings found in old religious texts; the Bible and the Koran. It is the messenger or agent of God, the intermediary between God and man, between heaven and earth, who delivers a divine message or occasionally acts alone in accordance with divine will.
Some, who had a specific duty towards man, have a name - Raphael, Gabriel, Michael - while the others, enormous throngs of them, surround God in heaven and sing his praises. Tradition speaks of a hierarchy of nine Angelic Choirs: the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones represent God in all his perfection; the Dominions, the Virtues and the Powers represent God and his sovereignty over all living creatures; and the Principalities, the Archangels and finally the Angels represent God in all affairs outside of heaven.
Some joined Lucifer's rebellion: "quis ut Deus?" and were fallen with him. They are the Bad Angels.
There are numerous representations of angels in art, usually winged, and portrayed as children or young with an androgynous appearance, neither men nor women, with flawless features and perfect hair.
Zotto (aka), Tolmezzo Gianfrancesco dal (vers1450-après1510)
Italie, Spilimbergo, église San Antonio Abbate a Barbeano
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